Rosie Walker Shoes

Stylish, practical and in beautiful colours, these low-heeled formal and casual shoes for women are taking the market by storm and are timeless classics that you can pull out for any occasion. These pretty shoes are ideal for office wear, parties and corporate functions. You can also team them up with a pair of jeans to rock your casual day-out with friends or family or wear the brighter coloured shoes with plain clothes for a fabulous contrast.

Our designers keep in mind the requirements of a modern woman who prefers style over anything else but secretly wishes comfort for her feet. We understand that you love to shop around the mall, walk long distances between bars and sometimes have to climb the stairs when the elevator is not working! Thus, we offer shoes that not only score high on style but also treat your feet nicely. The lightweight design and snug-fit of Rosie Walker shoes should keep you comfortable all day long and always ready to take on challenges that come your way.

These quality leather shoes are durable on the outside and comfortable on the inside.  Our heels have been designed to be broader and stable to eliminate the risk of tripping and wobbling over uneven surfaces- no more embarrassing wobbles!!. All in all, they are a true delight for your feet.

Online Shopping Made Easy
When you visit our online store to make a purchase, we make sure that you get the best shopping experience ever.  Once you have picked the item, we redirect you to the checkout page, which is followed by a quick payment process.  Alternatively contact your favourite shoe shop to ask them if they can order some in for you.

If you live in Adelaide where the shoes were designed and are stored you can email to arrange trying on and purchasing